Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Right To Vote In Jeopardy

It's Appalling to me that in 2010 people's Right To Vote is in jeopardy. Only this time it's not just black people it's whites as well.
In Alabama right now we have a bill going to the House of Representatives floor to question citizens of Alabama's Right to Vote.
I have always stood up for the right of the people, no matter the subject, the issue remained the same, The Right To Vote.
Alot of people are trying to turn this and other issues into a Moral Issue, not realizing that Jesus advocated for people's rights.
So therefore how can we go against the rights of people and call ourselves patriots. So all of the wars and fighting that we've had IN THE PAST and continue to have now, For people's rights is for nought!
We have an obligation as citizens to protect our rights, and that's what Democracy is all about.
Then there's the Elected Officials who we put in office, who are suppose to be Representatives of their constituency that voted them in, that they so-call represent, but they listen to those outside of their districts, and vote according to the powers that be.
Are we going back in time? Is history repeating itself? If so then we have'nt accomplished anything . We are not productive, therefore we are digressing not progressing.
That leads me to my next question " what are we the people going to do?
Election time is coming and we have alot of people seeking office. I beleive and stand firmly on the fact that we do not vote for anyone who does not vote for the people to have the right to vote. We have two Representatives ( Benjamin Lewis & Steve Clouse ) that need to vote, for the people to have the right to Vote. As well as our local officials supporting us locally.